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Development buying and selling methods are nice as a result of their foremost idea is straightforward to grasp, though the buying and selling course of itself can’t go with out strict self-discipline.

For these unfamiliar, development buying and selling methods, also referred to as development following methods, goal for the continuation of the present development… and sure, ideally, there’s a clear development – that’s the important thing prerequisite for this buying and selling strategy. In different phrases, if you happen to see that the value is ascending, you go lengthy. If the value is bearish, you go quick. That’s how easy it’s… effectively, in principle.

Despite the fact that development reversals include many buying and selling alternatives, trend-following merchants have to be very cautious of them. Within the best-case situation, the development continues in the identical course for so long as doable to offer nice buying and selling alternatives. Nonetheless, we all know foreign money pairs don’t behave like that, which is why we now have to depend on technical indicators to forestall reversals from spoiling our celebration.

That being stated, listed below are the 4 development buying and selling methods that I like essentially the most:


#1 Shifting Common Crossover development buying and selling technique

This technique is appropriate for rookies as a result of it’s easy and supplies goal alerts. Additionally, it makes use of the most well-liked technical indicator, which is the Shifting Common (MA). We’ll use three Easy Shifting Averages (SMAs). Keep in mind that MAs are lagging indicators, i.e., they replicate the historic value actions moderately than magically predicting the longer term.

For this technique, I want to make use of three SMAs with intervals 9, 21, and 50. You should utilize one other configuration with related proportions, corresponding to 10, 20, and 50. This technique often works effectively on any timeframe and any market. Thus it may be utilized by swing merchants and day merchants alike.

Right here is how the technique works:

  1. We use the 50 MA to grasp the final development course and filter the potential entry factors. Thus, a bullish situation is indicated when the 50 MA is under the value motion. And we’re searching for bearish alternatives when the 50 MA is above the value, like within the instance under.
  2. As soon as we decide the final relationship between the slowest MA and the value, we’ll look forward to the 9 MA to cross with the 21 MA. If the 50 MA is under the value, we might go lengthy when the 9 MA crosses the 21 MA from backside to prime. If the 50 MA is above the value, we might open a brief place when the 9 MA crosses under the 21 MA.
  3. You possibly can set the cease loss close to the 50 MA or according to the current resistance (for shorts) or assist (for longs). Be able to exit the market if the 2 quicker MAs meet once more.

Naturally, this can be a extra simplistic view of a transferring common development buying and selling technique however the basic thought is that the crossing of the transferring averages present directional info and likewise present an goal approach to visualize momentum.

And don’t overlook: at all times observe in your demo account first, use cease loss orders always and apply conservative threat administration ideas.

#2 Bollinger Band (c) Technique

For this technique, we’ll use Bollinger Band indicator (BB), the technical indicator created by John Bollinger about 4 many years in the past. We’ll additionally add an Exponential Shifting Common (EMA) with the interval 50, which is able to play the identical function because the 50 MA in our earlier technique.

Some merchants want to easily go lengthy when the value fluctuates above the BB’s mid-band and go quick when the foreign money pair retains transferring under it. Nonetheless, we’ll add extra confluence elements to get extra strong alerts.

Listed below are my guidelines for the bullish situation (the vice versa is legitimate for the bearish market):

  • Value motion is above the 50 EMA;
  • A bullish candle reveals up proper above the mid-band;
  • If the 2 circumstances are met, we’re a bullish scenario;
  • One instance for a cease loss can be to position it under the mid-band or the 50 EMA;
  • Some merchants might select to exit when the value touches the higher band and others wait till the value is clearly pulling again from the higher band.

Within the screenshot above, the primary two bullish alerts (1 and a couple of) proved to be worthwhile, however the third one (3) did not fulfill us. This reveals that nothing works 100% of the time and it highlights the significance of slicing losses and average threat administration.

As for the take revenue, you could possibly exit the market proper after the primary pullback from the higher band, however you’ll be able to wait till the value clearly corrects and will get nearer to the mid-band (blue space).


#3 MACD Crossover

The MACD (Shifting Common Convergence Divergence) is certainly one of my favourite technical indicators as a result of it could act each as an oscillator and as a development indicator.

MACD can be utilized in a number of methods, however for this specific technique, we’re going to search for crossovers. Right here is how you need to set your chart:

  • Add MACD with default settings (EMA 12 and 16);
  • Add a sluggish 200 MA;

I want to make use of this technique with any timeframe between M30 and D1.

Once more, we use the sluggish MA to outline the final development course. Based mostly on our technique, we must always search for bullish alternatives when the value is fluctuating above the 200 MA. In a similar way, we’ll take into account bearish alternatives when the value is transferring under the 200 MA.

Listed below are the primary circumstances for opening quick positions (for longs, use the other guidelines):

  • The foreign money pair should commerce under the 200 MA;
  • The MACD line should cross the sign line (as a rule, on TradingView, the MACD line is blue, and the sign line is orange) from prime to backside.
  • The cease loss could possibly be positioned above the latest resistance degree.
  • You can exit the market manually when the MACD line breaks above the sign line, suggesting a development reversal.

Within the instance above, we get 5 bearish alerts with our technique in a comparatively quick interval. And, as soon as once more, not all conditions would have supplied a worthwhile end result. We are able to’t stress the significance of threat administration and slicing losses sufficient on this context. Moreover, a brand new development buying and selling technique ought to by no means be utilized in a reside market atmosphere and at all times examined on demo first!


#4 Ascending and Descending Triangles

In addition to utilizing technical indicators, there are some nice methods that depend on chart patterns. For me, the best and strongest development continuation patterns are the triangles, though not the symmetrical ones.

The ascending and descending triangles counsel that the present development will proceed in the identical course after a second of pressure between bulls and bears. For the sake of comfort, we’ll focus on the ascending triangle, and you should utilize the identical ideas for the descending triangle however clearly with inverted circumstances.

In a nutshell, the ascending triangle reveals up when the value types a flat higher resistance line and an ascending decrease trendline that’s made up of upper highs. The descending triangle is shaped from a descending higher line and a flat decrease line.

Once you spot that the ascending triangle is within the strategy of formation, it reveals you the uptrend finds robust resistance from bears, which is mirrored by the flat resistance line. Impatient merchants will typically get in too quickly however ready for a confirmed breakout might present a extra strong buying and selling strategy.

You could set the cease loss according to the latest swing low and goal for a take revenue that is the same as the gap shaped by the primary leg of the triangle as proven within the screenshot under:


This technique is easy to implement if you happen to can precisely spot ascending and descending triangles, which isn’t an enormous deal. Be sure that the resistance degree isn’t slicing by any candlestick our bodies – nonetheless, slicing by the wicks could also be okay.


In fact, you could possibly layer different confluence elements on prime of any of the mentioned development buying and selling methods. For instance, the next timeframe evaluation can simply be utilized to any of the talked about methods and act as a further rule to filter out particular buying and selling alerts.

That’s it for at this time! I hope you loved these easy but efficient development buying and selling methods!

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