segregated witness – How Does A Node Get Infomation From The TxID – that’s, is not the TxID the SHA^2(256) of assorted transaction parts?

Sure, all TXIDs are solely calculated from non-witness information. Whereas many nodes have an entire copy of the blockchain, which does comprise all transactions, most nodes would not have a full transaction index.

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Nodes will promote unconfirmed transactions. These are then out there to be shared upon a getdata tx request which might be responded to with a tx message.

If the transaction is already confirmed, the peer ought to know wherein block the transaction was included (from the context wherein it heard in regards to the transaction within the first place), and would both request the entire block, or a Merkle department within the type of a merkleblock message.

You’ll be able to learn extra in regards to the P2P messages for instance right here:

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