script – Making and buying and selling tokens with bitcoin like with solidity and ethereum metamask

Is there an identical course of for making bitcoin tokens

  1. Coloured Cash: A lot of the tokens use OP_RETURN nevertheless it’s not required

Instance: BSQ utilized in Bisq DAO and DEX

  1. Omni layer: This undertaking used faux bitcoin addresses, multisig and OP_RETURN to unravel the issue. It was utilized by USDT token for very long time till charges on Bitcoin grew to become a problem.

  1. Counterparty: This undertaking additionally used OP_RETURN and issuing property was potential with it.

There is perhaps few different initiatives that allowed tokens to be created through which on-chain Bitcoin transactions had been required. This doesn’t scale and there was by no means an ordinary like ERC20 on Bitcoin. Customers and builders realized it is higher if we do that stuff utilizing layer 2 or off-chain.

There are 3 initiatives which are largely used for layer 2 in Bitcoin: Lightning Community, Liquid Sidechain and Rootstock sidechain.

There are not any requirements or BOLT to create tokens on LN proper now. I had mentioned this on LN dev mailing record few days again:

Nonetheless, a number of initiatives are working to make this potential together with Omni BOLT, RGB and Synonym. Submarine swaps are already potential so issuing property would make issues higher.

Issuing property on Liquid is feasible utilizing issueasset RPC. It is very simple and every little thing works just like Bitcoin Core in Components Core. You may learn extra about it right here:

Creating tokens on Rootstock sidechain is just like Ethereum. You may even port ERC20 to Rootstock:

Operating ERC20 contract on RSK

and shifting these round with a pockets like metamask?

Metamask is especially used as a result of it has a browser extension/add-on. There are completely different open supply wallets for Bitcoin, LN and Bitcoin sidechains. I do not think about browser extensions to be safe manner of doing transactions nonetheless you need to use the beneath wallets in browser:

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