Do pockets firms ship person’s transactions to their very own “central” bitcoin nodes?

Do exterior wallets firms akin to muun, bluewallet, or greenwallet ship person’s TXs to some “centralized” information heart the place they personal some nodes to broadcast the TX to the blockchain?

If it’s so, is that this a great privateness / self sovereignity observe?

Can I take advantage of an exterior pockets, and make it ship transactions to my very own node or am I compelled to make use of bitcoin core native pockets so as to broadcast on my own transactions?

Sorry if any of this put up’s premises / questions make no sense. My assumption is that if exterior wallets did not exist, I must make my very own TX and broadcast them to the blockchain with my very own node, so if exterior wallets do exist and I don’t run a node, do they use their very own “centralized” nodes?

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