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Jenna Zhang

Unburned methane launched into the ambiance has greater than 80 occasions the warming energy of carbon dioxide. Methane fuel is exclusive in that, regardless of having a shorter lifespan than different greenhouse gases, it’s simpler at trapping warmth. Nevertheless, burned methane is the cleanest burning fossil gasoline and when produced from non-fossil sources, it will probably even take away carbon from the ambiance.

Methane is emitted from the manufacturing and transport of coal, pure fuel, and oil, livestock and agricultural practices, and the decay of landfill waste. However, this methane may be captured earlier than it reaches the ambiance utilizing digesters. Digesters are huge tanks that retailer the merchandise of methane emission, equivalent to manure or trash, and acquire the emitted fuel produced throughout decomposition. The gathering is then burned to supply warmth or generate electrical energy, using the burned methane advantages as beforehand talked about.

How landfill methane initiatives work — as defined on

We went via the AlliedOffsets database to seek out all initiatives that particularly point out ‘methane’ of their identify to see how they’re distributed amongst methodologies, nations, and extra.

‘Methane’ initiatives by sector.

The chart above reveals the varieties of initiatives that fall inside the ‘methane’ search standards. Not surprisingly, waste disposal (primarily landfill fuel) accounts for the biggest share of such initiatives. And most of them are on CDM, although there are over 104 initiatives on Verra that point out ‘methane’ within the title:

CDM leads the way in which for methane initiatives.

In relation to pricing, our estimates put the common wholesale worth for credit from a methane undertaking at $2.18 per tCO2e. The chart under showcases the nations with the most costly carbon credit for a majority of these initiatives.

Russia and UK are tied at a mean estimated wholesale worth of $5.78.

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P.S. Curious to know what Forestry and Land Use undertaking got here via on this knowledge? It’s the Verra undertaking System of Root Intensification (SRI) Programme: Discount of Methane Emissions and Water Consumption in Rice Subject of India; it’s by no means issued or retired any credit.

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