bip32 hd wallets – Tips on how to get Non-public Keys for the corresponding HD generated Youngster Public Keys?

within the second technique the kid key which we’d beforehand within the first technique contemplate as PRIVATE, right here we contemplate as PUBLIC key – it simply appears as we simply give the ensuing left-256 bits totally different that means. Whether it is like that, then easy methods to we get baby personal key?

No, the diagram doesn’t present all the particular steps. Specifically, it’s lacking the step the place the purpose for the left-256 bits is computed. It’s clearer should you learn BIP 32 itself.

The trick is that including two personal keys collectively lead to a personal key whose public key is identical as including the 2 public keys for these personal keys.

In each instances, the info that’s hashed is identical, so the results of the hash can be the identical. The distinction is that within the public derivation, the purpose (i.e. public key) for the left 256 bits is computed, and added to the general public key of the dad or mum. For personal derivation, the left 256 bits is added on to the personal key of the dad or mum. Given the earlier reality about including two keys, the result’s that the derived personal secret is the personal key for the derived public key.

Talking of that, I’m additionally curious if there’s a approach to get solely public key utilizing hardened derivation?

No, and that’s by design.

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